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Over the last few years of performing home energy audits, one of the most common complaints I hear from homeowners is that they have trouble finding contractors to take care of small jobs. A lot of companies will bid on your 1000 sq. ft. addition. But what if you only need a window replaced. Or some repairs to your steps. Does your contractor give your small jobs the same attention as the big ones? If not, you should give me a call at 363-4043

CNY Home Tech Services is now offering SMALL JOBS Home Repair. We specialize in the small jobs and give them the attention they and (more importantly) you deserve. Give us a call with your Small Job and we will:

1 - Schedule a free estimate the first time you call. I have an office number, 363-4043, and a cell phone 264-4586. If I am with a customer I do not answer the phone. I will, however, return your call promptly.

2 - In most cases I will give you an estimate while on site at your house. In some cases, I will have to check suppliers for pricing. In these cases, my goal is to provide the estimate within 1 business day.

3 - When you place the order, your work will be scheduled. No waiting around for someone to get back to you at some point in the future.

That's it. Got a small job? Give me a call. You won't be disappointed.   

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