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Heating Bill Too High?
Let CNY Home Tech help!


Is your roof trying to tell you something?


As homeowners receive their heating bills this time of year, they often wonder what can be done to lower their energy costs. For starters, I suggest that they listen to what their roof is telling them. 



I know; your roof doesn’t talk. But that doesn’t mean it is not telling you something.


Have you ever looked at your roof after a snowfall or even a heavy frost? Since heat rises, the pattern in which your snow (or frost) melts can give you hints as to if and how your house is losing heat. Ideally your home has plenty of attic insulation (current code requires about 16” depending on the insulation material) and plenty of ventilation (that allows for any heat that does escape into the attic to be quickly vented to the outside). If the snow seems to melt evenly with little to no icicles hanging from the edge of your roof then you probably have adequate insulation and ventilation. If your roof shows an uneven pattern of melting, then this indicates that there are some areas where the amount of insulation is also uneven. The areas where the snow melts the fastest is where you are losing the most heat.


So now that you have identified that you have a problem, what is the next step? One option is to crawl around in the attic to try to find where the escaping heat is coming from and how to fix it.


The other option is to sign up for a free / reduced cost home energy audit through the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Homeowners that have a household income of below $120,000 are eligible for an audit at no charge. The audit will identify areas where you are losing heat and provide suggested improvements that will correct the situation and save you money. Most improvements are eligible for a 10 or 50% discount based on your income.


So listen to your roof. If you don’t like what it is saying, give us a call at 363-4043. Let us help your roof to talk nice.  

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