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Why Choose CNY Home Tech for an Energy Audit?


If you go to the BPI or NYSERDA Website, you will see many companies who offer Whole Home Energy audits. So why choose my company?

If you look at the accredited companies, most of the companies are either insulation companies, HVAC companies, or window / door companies. While all contractors who participate in the BPI / NYSERDA program are required to follow various guidelines and procedures, there is some "wiggle room" when it comes to improvements that are offered and the corresponding energy savings.


My company is not an insulation, HVAC, or window company. When we perform an energy audit, we are working for the homeowner. When we provide you with a list of recommended improvements, you can be assured that we have no ulterior motives in our recommendations. When improvements are needed , we work with contractors (including your preferred contractor) to perform the required work. My company makes sure that the work needed is performed to BPI standards. You can be assured that someone is watching the contractor to make sure that the work contracted for is completed properly.

For more information or to set up an Energy audit,
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